We are able to provide you with trusted and timely information you need when you are looking for goods and service with
regard to all kinds of clothes, fashion accessories, and clothing subsidiary material. We are proud of our know-how and
know-where particularly of clothing items taking place in Dongdaemun Market and Namdaemun Market in Seoul. During the
past decade, we have had proven record of successful business relationship with Japanese companies, which are considered
one of the most complicated and sophisticated customers in the world. As our business has been expanding, we have also been
expanding our customer base to other Asian countries including China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Our primary objective are to help you get what you want and cut down on your cost and time significantly when you do
shopping in Dongdaemun Market and Namdaemun Market.

  Company : SeoulClick
Established : March 2000
CEO : Young Woo, Lee
Bio :
1. Counselor for Seoul Fashion Center to attract
Japanese customers in 2005
2. Counselor for Dongdaemun Market Fashion Festival
to attract foreign buyers in 2006
3. Buying agency for many Japanese companies, shops and stores.
  Address : Jung-gun Bellagio Eulji-ro 5-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
Tel : 82-10-7277-0339
Fax : 82-2-2263-0200
E-mail : estory@gmail.com / dyshop2@yahoo.co.jp
Website : www.seoulclick.com
  1) Buying Agency
We are able to provide extensive amount of service as a buying agency so that you could get what you are looking for at
cheaper and safer manner in Korea.

When you go shopping in Dongdaemun Market and Namdaemun Market, we could
assist you by accompanying and interpreting you. More importantly, we could arrange your schedule in advance upon
your request to reduce your cost and time. Since we have extensive information on which items, goods, and products are
in which shopping malls, we can guide you in the right direction for your individual purpose.

After you have purchased what you want, we could also provide you with the delivery service through which you can be
relieved of the burden of carrying the goods with yourself.

Furthermore, once the business relationship set in, we can continue through phone calls, emails, or fax without your having
to visit Seoul. The on-going business relationship will be sure to save your cost and time significantly.

Upon request, we could provide service of attaching labels or name tags in English or Japanese on the goods you have purchased.

    2) Specialized in fabrics
We are able to provide a customized service for your requirements for fabrics, threads, lace, buttons, etc. Our strength and
knowledge of fabrics in Korean markets will give you a chance to get what you need in time. Our service includes new orders,
subsequent orders, collection of fabric swatches, delivery service to your home.
    3) EMS / Cargo Deliver Service
Our delivery service could save your valuable time and reduce cost much more than you do on your own. On top of that, it
will be done in as safe a manner as you do on your own .

- On behalf of you, we collect the goods you have purchased, prepare the invoice and deliver them to you through Express
Mail Service.
- You will be noticed of EMS No, based on which you can check whereabouts of your goods online.

EMS in Korea whereabouts views (http://service.epost.go.kr/postal/front/ems/tracking/tracking_01.htm)
EMS in Japan whereabouts views (http://tracking.post.japanpost.jp/service/jsp/refi/DP311-00100.jsp)
    4) Will support a wide variety of business in Korea.
We could provide service other than the above mentioned. Please doní»t hesitate to contact us with regard to your business
activities in Korea.
SeoulClick! Korea and World Business

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